Perhaps there’s a future for America…


This makes me feel a little bit better. In New York, projections show that Al Frankens radio talk show got 7 times more listeners in April than Rush Limbaugh in the 18-to-34 year old category, and won by a slight margin in the 25-to-54 year old category. This is an excellent start for them and shows there is a glimmer of hope!,1,6621136.story?coll=chi-business-hed

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Interesting remarks by Al Gore

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Very interesting remarks by Al Gore in an editorial style format. It’s very detailed but concise and full of good points.

Taxation and Society

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This was my reply to a discussion about whether taxes should be structured to make the wealthy pay a larger percentage of their income.


I don’t know if there’s a good logical justification for either side of the argument (if there is one I’d like to hear it.) This always seems to come down to an emotional level.

Personally, I feel it’s justified because we live in a society – which, by definition, includes more people than myself. Societies also usually have a goal of trying to further themselves in some way. I’ve always found it strange why some people think they are so above society that they wish to reap the benefits of said society but not add to it to further its goals. It’s a very strange argument – the existence of the structures of society enable the gathering of wealth. But once people have wealth they often want to horde it and not help maintain the society that created it. I don’t understand it and have always figured that greed increases with the size of the horde.

It seems like the ideal world for the horders would be to gather all the money amongst a small percentage of the population, buy up all land and assets themselves, hire mercenary armies and disolve the government so there’s no one to tax their money. This would have the added benefit of no one being around to police their treatment of their workers. Hmmm… I think we’ve seen this before, and it worked out real well :)

However, since there hasn’t been a tax revolt here in the recent past, maybe most people really don’t mind paying taxes. Further, if it’s true that money does buy happiness, then all those rich people should have very little to bitch about. But everyone wants something to bitch about, right? So why not bitch about taxes? :)



Talk about war crimes…

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When the hell is the world going to wake up and start enforcing it’s rules uniformly? Israel has fired missiles into a crowd of protestors:

Of course, after this we will likely see a UN resolution condemning Israels actions (if they even bother anymore) where the outcome will be yet-another-US-veto-protecting-Isreal.

When will we see a country go in and take away Isreals WMDs? They are clearly willing to use them against civilians. How is this any better than Saddam Hussein? The problem is that it’s not – which is why a lot of the world is so mad at the US for their unflailing support of Israel. The US really needs to cut their losses here and end ties with them. Maybe now that they have a larger base in the Middle East, by the name of Iraq, they will do this.

Teaching our kids to be drug addicts

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An almost 50% increase in use over the last 3 years of “behaviour drugs” for kids under the age of 5. How much evidence do people need that using the TV as a babysitter leads to things like ADD and generally undesirable results?

But of course, in today’s fast-paced, shrink-wrapped society everything needs to me made easier. Don’t feel like cooking? Great, throw a frozen meal in the microwave. Don’t feel like spending quality time with your children? Great, sit them in front of the TV and give them this new pill to remove any side-effects!

The WB sinks to a new, much lower, low

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I had never realized the WB network was so disgusting. I’ll have to add them to my boycott list.

While creating a reality TV show of bad singers, who they told were good, they needed a way to keep the audience from laughing. Of course they’re not willing to spend money to hire an audience. So, they did the next best thing – told them the contestants were terminally ill and from the Make-A-Wish foundation.

This is absolutely disgusting. Getting that latest fix for TV is so important in our society that people are willing to do things like this. I keep trying to convince myself that TV is not a bad thing when used appropriately. But then things like this keep coming up and make it so much harder. It’s destroying our society in so many ways, I can’t even remember the good parts anymore.

The Cuban Situation

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I found it interesting when Bush recently accounced increasing the restrictions placed on Cuba, especially at a time when, seemingly, the rest of the country is in favour of removing the embargo (as per the recent vote in congress.)

I also find it very humorous, and hypocritical, that when 3 people were executed in Cuba last year it was very big news. How many hundreds of people are executed in the US every year? Of course someone will try to point out “the US kills people for other reasons.” So? A person is still dead.

Maybe if Bush were to visit Cuba, as I have, he would come to realize that it isn’t a country full of “evil-doers” as he seems to think. However, as mentioned in the article from the previous post, he had made up his mind and nothing can change that. Ah, the blissfulness of ignorance.

The Misunderestimated Man

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An interesting look at some of the history that led to the development of Bush. The writer of the article is clearly biased, however he does put forward an interesting view.

Lost another one to SUVs

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Funny page about a man who got converted to the dark-side – of SUVs. Sort of. Read it to find out.

Well, if Rush says it’s ok…


I know Rush says a lot of stupid things, and maybe if I listened to his show I’d find out that the only things he says are stupid, but this seems way over the line.

Some of the choice comments from Thursdays show, on his justification for why the events at that prison were a GOOD thing:

“And we hear that the most humiliating thing you can do is make one Arab male disrobe in front of another. Sounds to me like it’s pretty thoughtful.”

“Maybe the people who executed this pulled off a brilliant maneuver. ”

“we have these pictures of homoeroticism that look like standard good old American pornography ”

“I think the reaction to the stupid torture is an example of the feminization of this country. ”

I can’t believe people listen to this guy. Are there people out there that actually agree with this crap, or do they listen for the sensationalism? What has happened in his life to make him hate other kinds of people so much and think it’s a good idea to humiliate them? From reading some of his comments, Rush is apparently some form of Christian. How can he possibly think these views are in accordance with any kind of Christian philosophy? Maybe I missed the “Thou shalt torture, humiliate and maim when possible” commandment. And maybe he didn’t notice that evil is what you’re NOT supposed to be. I should write him a letter to let him know that… :)

Read this article for more of the context of his comments, but believe me, it doesn’t make him look any better.

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