Listen to the heroes of another generation

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This was such a moving quote by Coretta Scott King (wife of Martin Luther King Jr.) I had to post it here.

“Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood.”

Other quotes from Mrs. King

Values? What values?


Everything about the “values” movement here in the US nicely summarized, by example, in one nice article. I couldn’t have dreamt this up myself, no matter how hard I tried.

Leave it to some moron in Spurger, Texas to come up with this. So apparently a school had a yearly tradition of the children changing roles for one day: girls ask boys to the dance, open doors for them, and dress like each other. Sounds innocent enough, no? Apparently it infringed on some parents right to enforce their strict anti-gay education on the innocent little mind. The parent lobbied the school, some group called Liberty Legal stepped in (which in an ironic use of their name is making people less free) and stopped the school from keeping this tradition.

Now, this would have been enough. By now I find this story sufficiently disgusting, think it shows how badly things are going in this country, etc.

The next part put it over the edge. What’s the only other thing aside from this fake and entirely maliscious “values” movement in the US that I could find more objectionable? Militarism. Guess what they had the kids dress up as instead? Army fatigues and boots. This is wrong, disgusting, and sends such a worse message to those children that it’s amazing.

Even if you were so absolutely homophobic that you thought this schools homecoming tradition had any kind of homosexual overtones whatsoever, is it better to teach children to kill people?

I know a large portion of the American population is homophobic, so will disagree with me, but personally I’d much rather be in country full of gay people (again, if you accept the ludicrous premise of that argument) than with a bunch of killers and murderers *ooops* I mean liberators.

Here’s the article:
Extreme homophobe


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I’ve just gotten back from India for a business trip recently, so I’m sorry for not having posted in the last few days. I’m still collecting my thoughts and will write them down here shortly.

As a sneak preview and short summary, my initial thoughts have been that we’re a bunch of whiny babies over here…. I guess that’s nothing new, but now I have proof! :)

The Zen Perspective

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A really interesting article titled How it is that we have come to Invade Iraq. It’s not what you expect from the title. Well, actually it is if you’ve read anything Zen-related before. It’s much more of an interesting view of modern society.

The new diet fad

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Trying to eat less hasn’t worked. Trying to exercise hasn’t worked. Eating nothing but fatty meats hasn’t worked.

But here’s what will work: convince people to lose weight because they costing the airlines extra money.

Putting aside the sarcasm, what can North Americans do about the rising obesity problems? Barring any kind of chemical dependency, or where there is a real physical problem, it really is the individuals fault. (I have read that unhealthy foods are generally cheaper, and that has some effect, but that’s not what’s forcing people to SuperSize their meals.)

However, given that the vast majority of the population has proven to be so bad at staying healthy, should the government do anything about it? I can’t decide. One thing that is clear, though, is that leaving the problem as is will cost our society a lot of money in the long run.

(I say all this knowing that I’m definitely not the picture of health, but I’m trying to work on it.)

Education and better labelling would help. I’ve heard some people say that nobody figures a Big Mac is healthy. I completely disagree. Most people know it’s not as good for them as an apple but they don’t understand the simple mathematics of (caloric intake)-(calories burned)=(calories gained). I don’t think most people realize that a Big Mac Meal contains up to 75% of their daily recommended caloric intake.

But, again, I don’t know what a good answer for this is. Who knows, maybe it’s a side-effect of all the hormones we feed our livestock.

Canada 2.0?

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I just thought these were hilarious:



An interesting idea was proposed in a book I’m reading called Humans. The story behind the book is that we make contact with another version of earth where Neadrathals evolved as the dominant species.

They are completely baffled by our wars. The thought of having constant wars where we wipe out millions of people blows their minds. One of them is taken to the Vietnam Memorial and after understanding what it was for, declares “This is where your President should declare war. He should be sure enough of his ideals that he’s willing to look at the memorial and declare he’s willing to repeat the same catasrophe again.”

Excellent idea. Imagine having to stare a grieving mother in the face, who lost a child to another war, and tell her you think it’s worth it to have another one.

So many conservatives talk about war like it’s a necessary evil and a reality. WE CREATE THAT NECESSARY EVIL AND THE REALITY. We, as humans, need to mature to the point where war is not even considered an option. I’m sure there’s some conservatives reading this and thinking “He’s just some bleeding heart liberal.” Let me ask you: do you like sending children off to die? Do you think it’s worth it to kill innocent civilians in another country so you have access to cheaper oil? If you answered yes to either of those questions I don’t want to be considered of the same species as you, and to be honest we need to get rid of you in order for humanity to progress.

Remember, PEOPLE are the only reality. Everything else – wars, politics, economies, etc – are the creations of PEOPLE and should never be considered a higher priority.

Time for some election reaction…

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So, how do I feel about all this? That’s not an easy question to answer.

Part of me is mad. Mad at the voters. Mad at the shortsightedness of these people. Apparently getting an extra $100 on their paycheck every month is worth more than having to put up with lies, deceit, corruption and the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people around the world. The resolution of this is the knowledge that people get the governments they deserve. This is the same people who idolize Paris Hilton or the people on Survivor more than Einstein. The Empire is falling and this will just accelerate that somewhat. I just hope, every single day, that they don’t destroy the world as they fall.

Part of me doesn’t care. I’m not a US citizen and have no plans to stay here permenantly. In fact this puts another further point on the urgency to leave.

The rest of me is afraid. I was insulted recently when someone said to me “Your daily life won’t change at all whichever guy wins.” I’m insulted because it assumes that I’m entirely selfish. I’m afraid for all the people that will now be killed in the next 4 years, for the future in general, and for myself.