Conservatives for Obama

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An interesting perspective: The conservative case for Barack Obama

They argue that Obama is a better choice than McCain for “true conservatives,” mainly because he’s the only remaining candidate who wants to immediately end the occupation of Iraq.

What also struck me while reading the article (it has in the past as well) is that Western politics, especially in the US, would be much more productive if the dialog was based on core principles. I’m not opposed to any of the conservative principles outlined by the articles author. However, when any of them are pushed to an extreme, as so often happens in US politics, then I would obviously be opposed. Perhaps this began as people started pushing for the extreme knowing they’d have to end up compromising. In any case, it’s evolved a very poisonous political atmosphere.

When is the last time our society had a true debate on an important social topic such as abortion? As long as I can remember the debate has consisted of “You are evil. We will fight against your position.” A perfect example of the lack of such debate is the almost overwhelmingly positive, shocked even, response to Obama’s recent speech. As Jon Stewart put it: “he’s talking to us as adults.”

Merging US/Canadian Militaries?

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It’s interesting that this wasn’t bigger news back in late February: Canada, U.S. agree to use each other’s troops in civil emergencies

Apparently, in a deal inked Feb 14th (love was apparently in the air) the US and Canada are allowed to send troops over the border. This does make me uncomfortable. In any real emergency the countries would communicate and presumably send whatever they could to help, such as Canada offering to send help for Katrina. The need for an agreement like this seems more to avoid approval by the civilian leadership, which of course makes me wonder why.

The first inspiring politician of my generation


A More Perfect Union

I would be proud to live on the same continent as a President Obama. Maybe if he hits the term limit restriction in the US he should come to Canada and run.

The difference with Obama vs. other high-profile politicians is that he really sounds genuine. He can discuss the real facts and concerns underlying issues, not just give a few buzzwords and pander. He doesn’t spout the easy answers that other politicians assume people want to hear.

This is a great article: The Obama I Know

This is some great propaganda


New anti-Semitism disguised by hatred of Israel, report says

Nice try. Bets who wrote this report?

I’m at a loss trying to decide if I believe there’s any significant amount of true anti-semitism today. It’s difficult to tell because so much of the world has valid issues with Israel for their treatment of the Palestinians. The only way to really find out would be for Israel to end the occupation.

I still don’t know what makes otherwise intelligent people, like Warren Kinsella, become so rabidly illogical in support of Israel. To them Israel can do no wrong; they get an unlimited free pass, I guess as payback for WW2. The problem is that free pass needs to end sometime. Every state that gives their unwavering support has become complicit in the long cycle of oppression and murder. And then people are shocked to hear that a decent proportion of the Middle East is upset?

On the converse side I’ve never personally met anyone who was so illogically supportive of the Palestinians. I’m sure they exist, but my observation is that it’s less frequent. Personally I think they’re both in the wrong and performing immoral acts and I think people should be free to criticize either side when they do something wrong without being branded as anti-semitic.

More on trade

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Following up on my recent post on the topic of free trade in the US presidential campaigns, here is a good article: Dems vs. Free Trade.

I think the article goes a little too far though: I haven’t heard either of the candidates say they really want to restrict trade to any significant degree. Perhaps people assume any reference to “free trade” and “change” together implies drastic changes.

CTV vs. Obama


I don’t know how much play this story is getting up here in Canada. I didn’t ever see it in the top stories of CBC, but I don’t read CTV and don’t pay much attention to the other big outlets.

Apparently CTV took a comment by an Obama campaign staffer way out of context and pushed it as a top story, which was soon picked up by other outlets. Even the Harper government got in on the game and tried to turn the story into something it wasn’t. CBC then does a story showing how wrong they all were.

A good summary of the details is here: CBC Exonerates Obama: A Post-Mortem

I hope more investigation is done of why Harper felt he should get into this.