Will the federal Liberals be rewarded for being green?


Lately I’ve leaned more towards the Green party than the Liberals.  This was partially because I really didn’t like Paul Martin, but also because fighting climate change and building a sustainable future is important enough that I’m willing to be a one-issue voter on it.  That said, the Green party platform (at least at the provincial level) actually made a lot of sense, it wasn’t proposing gutting the economy to fund green issues.

However, this may all change depending on Dions plan: Dion stakes his future on being greenest of them all.  It’s a bold move, and a gamble, but if the plan really is strong it would win my vote.  I think climate change has become one of the top several political issues.  Everyone knows the Conservatives don’t care one bit, and they do pay for it politically.  If they ever put forward an environmental plan that wasn’t a complete waste of the paper it was written on, I believe they could get a majority.  So, if Dion can really connect with voters on it he could win big.

5 years later: a reason to be proud


5 years ago today Ontario legalized same-sex marriage.

A great recap: Five years ago today, gay marriage became legal in Ontario – and equality has lived more happily ever after

Some of the other blogs linking to this proclaim: “… and the sky hasn’t fallen”, which is quite true.  I’m curious how many marriages have taken place since what I imagine was an initial rush.

Capturing CO2 from the air

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This has been in the news today: Could US scientist’s ‘CO2 catcher’ help to slow warming?

I’ve expected something like this would come along eventually.  It’s a good idea, too.  I just hope people understand this technology is for cleaning up the mess we have made, not part of a solution to let us keep high emission levels.

And further, where would we put all the stuff this device would pump out?  Maybe in the great locations we’ve found for all our nuclear waste.

What’s Harper been doing lately?

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With all the attention paid to US politics lately I was trying to think of any notable issues being debated by Harpers government. Unfortunately I couldn’t think of anything. Nothing real on the environment, nothing going on in health care, etc.

Here’s the full list of the second session of this parliament: Bills of the 29th Parliament, Second Session

What have they been up to (aside from dodging scandals)?