New WHO report showing strong link between cell phones and brain tumors

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Following up on the recent post Cell phone radiation data
that had interesting comments, we now have: Cell phone usage linked to brain tumors

The WHO just finished a large 10-year study:

A report by the World Health Organization shows that long-time cell phone users are at serious risk of brain tumors. The entire report will be published and released by the end of the year.

The WHO is apparently a well-respected organization, so I’m finding it hard to be skeptical so far.  I’m not really concerned about this myself, as my cell phone use tends to be in the range of minutes per week, but I realize I’m not the average cell phone user.

What’s hot in Canadian politics

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This is a quick round-up of what’s hot in the Canadian Political Blogosphere.  I like keeping up to date on this myself, so I may post the results periodically.  Also, it was fun writing the code to traverse through the blogosphere.

Here are the hottest links, in order:

Congrats on the peace prize

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Congrats to Obama on winning the peace prize, if for nothing else than giving conservatives something funny to bitch about. Last time I checked the Nobel commitee was free to choose whoever they’d like, just like those conservatives would freak out of foreigners were complaining about who was given a congressional medal, or similar.

Random breathalizer testing


Random breathalyzer tests considered for Canada

This really rubs me the wrong way.  Police checkpoints along a road, in Canada, are bad enough (because they make us all feel like criminals even when we’ve done nothing wrong) but now we’d be tested too.  Where’s the next stop down this slippery slope?

You want to know how to reduce the rates of drunk driving?  The cops should go where they have probable cause to test people – the club districts on a Friday or Saturday night.  I have much less of a problem with that than purely randomized testing – at least there’s a reason.