A sane perspective on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict

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Rattling the Cage: A taboo question for Israelis

In my mind, both sides of this conflict are equally wrong.  They both escalate.  They both kill.  They both are directly responsible for the suffering of millions of people.  Neither has made a genuine effort towards peace.

I would appreciate a political platform in Canada that included cutting off all transfers of money to both countries until there is genuine progress towards peace (which, unfortunately, would be ineffective until the US did the same).

China scuttled a Copenhagen deal?

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Interesting read: How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room

In the end, though, the Western nations did fail.  This notion of everybody waiting for a deal where they can commit to the least amount possible (being what’s agreed to by everyone) isn’t going to work.  Some country (or set of countries) is going to have to lead by example.  I still don’t understand why no one talks about the economic impact of tight emissions restrictions forcing massive technological innovation, which can then be sold to the other countries.  Sure, I’d assume some negative economic impact in the short term might be possible but the long-term impact could be staggering.

Solar panels with their own micro inverters

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This looks like a great idea: Solar panels for the rest of us

They are solar panels with their own micro inverters in them.  My frustration with solar has been the huge initial investment; I’d like to try it out first on a limited basis.  I have no idea what kind of real efficiency I’ll see at my house (especially in the winter), which makes it sound risky.  Plus, I’m under the impression it’s not worth it (or not really feasible) to do a small-scale installation because of inverter sizing (or you’d have to buy a new one when you install more panels).

The idea of a panel with a typical AC plug is intriguing.  I could easily install one, say on top of my deck, and use it for powering individual devices and testing over time.

Copenhagen talks on the rocks?

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Maybe it’s just theater, but things are rocky at the talks: Copenhagen Climate Talks SUSPENDED, In Chaos, As Countries Walk Out Of The Conference

I know I can’t hope the Canadian government will step up to help fix the impasse, but maybe Obama will save the day?

Lesson learned from the RCMP: flee the scene and drink

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Apparently one of the RCMP officers involved in killing Robert Dziekanski with a tazer in BC got into another bit of trouble.  While off duty he hit a motorcyclist while driving and killed him – all after having consumed a few beers.  He fled the scene to go home and had a few shots of vodka.

Guess what he’s been charged with… the death of the motorcyclist?  Nope.  DUI?  Nope.  Obstruction of justice.

Good job, RCMP.  I hope I never will be, but if I were ever involved in a crash after having been drinking, and especially if someone is hurt or killed, I now know how to get out of it.  I’ll high-tail it home, have a few drinks, and claim it was to settle my nerves after such a stressful event.  Was I drinking beforehand?  Of course not, and you can’t prove it.  We can even reference this case as an example to clear it up quickly.

Mountie at centre of taser incident charged with obstruction over fatal crash