Tracking evidence for health supplements


I really like tools to help sift through all the junk information out there for various topics.  This one is great: Snake Oil?  The scientific evidence for health supplements

Speaking of health, I’m still confused about the health bill that has  (mostly) been passed in the US.  There’s a surprising lack of real information in the media about it.  I know of a few of the points it covers, but have seen very little actual discussion on it, especially with any kind of breakdown of the various costs and savings.  I am assuming, in contrast to the far right, that Obama is smart enough to not be bankrupting their country, but there’s been a serious lack of messaging on this.  If this is so important, why no go all Ross Perot and hold a prime-time TV special with lots of charts and data.  Sure, the average person might get bored and tune out, but at least those of us who would pay attention could be convinced and evangelize to others.

China’s undervalued currency

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I had always thought, as Krugman points out is common but flawed, that China had the US over a barrel because of how much currency they’re holding.  It’s nice to see a direct explanation: Taking On China.

Now the question is, why won’t the US do anything about it?  Maybe they hope that good relations over a long time will produce enough cooperation and trade to make up for the loss to China’s undervalued currency?

The Toyota hysteria


Interesting viewpoint:  I am not afraid of my Toyota Prius.  He’s arguing that not a lot of due diligence has been used verifying these claims of runaway acceleration.

I have to admit I’m skeptical of that 20-minute 9-1-1 call of the guy in the Prius.  For 20 minutes he really couldn’t either apply the brakes, shift into neutral or turn off the ignition?  Hmm.

Menu pricing for TV channels


Eye-opening breakdown of where your cable TV dollars go.  Interesting that 40% goes to sports channels.

Hate Paying for Cable? Here’s Why.

The huge cost ($80-100/mo here for Rogers with a PVR) is why we canceled our cable; it’s just too expensive for how much we used it.  I’d be happy to pay a more reasonable amount for a smaller selection, like if iTunes starts distributing TV on a subscription or if something like Hulu turns into a pay service.  But, $100/mo when it feels like 50% of what you’re seeing is advertising is ridiculous.

Quite true: Arnold is the voice of reason in the Republican party

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Funny: ran into this on the Onion, linked with the text “Can you call it satire if it’s true?”

I have also thought this about Arnold recently.  I had assumed it would be a disaster when he won in California but he’s actually proven himself to be respectable, at least from what I’ve seen reported.  He promotes sustainability very well and seems fairly liberal, plus fiscally conservative which I also appreciate most of the time.  It’s been difficult to tell who’s the “good guy” in the California budget battles, considering how insane their political system is (everything needs voted on).

Is hockey > politics?


I don’t know, but a few things I thought were funny during last nights stellar game:

  1. At one point CTV showed Gretzky sitting with Harper, chatting.  That hurts a little.
  2. There was a camera in the bar Gretzky’s in Toronto, where people would freak out when they were the ones on TV, and the guy front and center looked like Jack Layton.

Anyways, I’m glad the gold medal goal was Crosby’s.