Pressure on Israel

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Two big recent international events seem to be putting a lot of pressure on Israel: 10 die in Israeli raid on aid flotilla and US retreat can’t soften blow of Obama-backed NPT resolution.  On the NPT resolution, I think it’s good to push Israel to disclose its nuclear capabilities.  Their known, and condoned, hidden stockpile is a definite complicating factor with Iran and the mideast in general.  I’m not clear why Israel can’t disclose and get the same “deal” Pakistan and India both got, who had developed weapons in secret and then were able to disclose.

I think the pressure on Israel is good and seems to be the only remaining way to get them to change their policies.

What is a realistic response to North Korea’s naval attack?


This is pretty crazy: N. Korea must face consequences for ship: Clinton.  How to deal with proof that North Korea shot at and sunk a South Korean ship?  I’ll assume for now that NK actually did it and had no real justification, since I haven’t seen anything pointing otherwise.

I’ve got about 10 conflicting opinions running around in my head, but to quote The Dude (who was quoting George Bush): “This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man.”  I’d classify myself close to a pacifist (maybe “pragmatic pacifist”?), but seriously, WTF is going on with this mild-sounding response?  I think a big part of the reason why we’ve had (relatively) little conflict in the past few decades is that small, aggressive, countries know there will be a large “global” response to stop them if they do something crazy.  Like Iraq invading Kuwait.  Let’s not get into the US invading other countries, as that’s a whole other mess and I’d say also decreases global stability.

This is completely different than the (fake) justifications for the invasion of Iraq, or for pre-emptive strikes against Iran or North Korea.  Those presume the supposed weapons sought by them are not purely defensive, which is difficult to prove unless they’re used offensively.  This attack, however, is real and the lack of an appropriate response will effectively condone the action.

What would be an appropriate “pragmatic pacifist” response?  Maybe try to disable some, or all, of the NK navy (as opposed to sinking them, which would definitely kill a lot of people).  Definitely disabling, or sinking, any NK boats that cross into SK, as seen in this recent event.

Flash on smartphones sounds like a bad idea


I’m a bit amused and confused by the public war over Flash on the iPhone.  I’m an avid iPhone user.  I also don’t tend to like Flash on the web unless it’s really called for, like something very interactive or video.

I won’t bother guessing whether Apple’s motives are truly meant to control their ecosystem or have my best interests in mind.

We can categorize Flash use into two broad categories: video and non-video. Considering how much video is available in the Flash format I’d argue that Apple should make an effort to show those videos natively on the device (if that’s even allowed).  Why not an app, similar to the YouTube one, that appears whenever you click on a Flash video in the browser?  But, I hope Jobs is right and non-Flash video will soon replace Flash.

However,  I have absolutely no interest in non-video Flash on my iPhone.  Why would I want it?  To visit sites that are fully in Flash?  I don’t bother visiting any sites like that on a PC, so have no need on my phone.  What about for games?  Just imagine how useless a typical Flash game would be on such a small screen.  Either you’ll have to zoom in and scroll around constantly (plus, what would distinguish between a zoom touch and something for the app?), or look at it zoomed all the way out.

I think it’ll be pretty funny when Android and Blackberry phones soon get Flash and people suddenly wonder what they’re supposed to do with it.