Poor BlackBerry…


I feel the same way as this commenter: A Peek at Blackberry 6:

“In truth, it’s a bit painful to watch. As a former Blackberry user, it’s great to see RIM trying to improve the functionality of their operating system with new features. Sadly, it looks dated. Looks may not be everything, but they definitely help when one is making the decision to purchase.”

It goes further than just looks.  As someone who has written and maintains several BB apps, I know you just can’t do near as much on a BB as on iPhone or Android.  That’s a dealbreaker for lots of people when deciding which device to buy because smartphones have evolved into mini-laptops in a sense.  The quality of the platform is largely driven by the apps available for it.

I want to root for BB, I just can’t until they get onto a modern operating system.  I still think they should take Android, layer all their security on top of it, and start fresh.  Their current OS still has roots in pagers from 15 years ago and it shows.

Rogers lowers bandwidth caps as Netflix announces entry into Canada

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Oh, Rogers, how we love to hate you: Rogers lowers download limits as Netflix looms.  I’m really curious about using Netflix.  I don’t have cable but would like to pay a reasonable amount for a legitimate service for content.  I’m curious if Netflix has up-to-date shows or just the entire seasons that get released on DVD.

I keep hoping Hulu might come up to Canada.

But, Rogers, I promise to love you forever if you let me upgrade to the iPhone 4 at the full subsidized price.

In the head of Bill Murray

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I find almost anything about Bill Murray interesting, so here’s something new: Bill Murray Is Ready To See You Now.  I think it’s the fact that he does and says whatever he wants, and acts pretty random sometimes.

Toyota “runaway” problems were apparently mostly driver error

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Of course this won’t get as much news coverage as the initial scandal, but upon investigation the government found that people weren’t even applying the brakes: Early Tests Pin Toyota Accidents on Drivers.

“The U.S. Department of Transportation has analyzed dozens of data recorders from Toyota Motor Corp. vehicles involved in accidents blamed on sudden acceleration and found that the throttles were wide open and the brakes weren’t engaged at the time of the crash, people familiar with the findings said.”

This sounds a lot like people accidentally pressing the gas pedal rather than the brake.  At the time I remember reading an article about how previous reports of this kind of activity (for other manufacturers) have typically shown driver error as well, with a very high percentage of reporters being older (I forget the ages, and now can’t find the article).