The retaliation that never happens

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The headline of this story sounds like a strongly-worded response: S. Korea threatens ‘enormous retaliation’ after attack.  That is, until you get to the content and it says:

“South Korea’s president said Tuesday the country will unleash “enormous retaliation” if North Korea should attack again.”

I don’t think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t believe that statement, considering how many attacks have come without a response.  I’m pretty sure the North Koreans have learned it.

What’s hot in Canadian politics [Nov 11, 2010]

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Here are the posts that have been generating the most links in the blogosphere.

Lots of talk of Israel and anti-Semitism.  I missed whatever stirred all this up.

I still think everyone’s in for a letdown with Flash on touch devices

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It’s still funny watching the techie world go nuts because Apple mobile devices don’t support Flash.  I don’t think most people understand that besides Flash video, almost everything else would be useless, because Flash user interfaces are typically built to use a mouse and/or keyboard.  I noticed this nugget from the Samsung Galaxy Tab review:

“Overall, videos played just fine, but Flash definitely slowed down the rest of the browsing experience. What about other Flash heavy sites? Well, as you can see above, Hulu is a dead end — we got the same error message even when we logged into our Hulu plus account in the browser. (Hulu, please release a Plus app for Android ASAP!) On that same vein, we had no issues loading a Flash game site like Canabalt, but because it was built for mouse and keyboard environments we couldn’t figure out how to jump and avoid death by bricks. What does it all mean? The Tab’s Flash capability is a nice fallback, but if you’ve been thinking it’s the killer tablet app you should think again.”

It seems like the best answer would be to create an App that acts like a small Flash sandbox just to play video, which would open when you click on one in the browser.  It would need to be smart enough to still send data back to the source, as many sites rely on that for their metrics and access rights, and would be very unhappy otherwise.