No matter what you do, someone will be offended

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But that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t do it.  This article highlights a supposed Google “faux pas”, where they put a note on their homepage (they usually like to put interesting things there) saying “Call your Dad” for Fathers Day.

“This note clearly rubbed some users the wrong way, “I very recently lost my dad and while I understand the sentiment, having that ‘reminder’ there is incredibly mocking” and “Isn’t this day hard enough without my own computer rubbing it in my face?””

Really?  This is absolutely ridiculous.  So, I guess these same people must have called and complained for any TV commercials they saw that talked about Fathers Day.  And they complained about any TV shows or movies that had a father in them.  And they complained about any ads in any newspaper, magazine or website talking about fathers or Fathers Day.

No, I doubt they did.  The Internet makes a great place for people to be complainers because you get to type your crazy rant without having to see the shock on the other persons face as the ridiculousness dawns on them.

Apartheid might be the nicest choice of words


Warren Kinsella highlighted some NDP discussion called “Solidarity with Palestine and the boycott of Israeli apartheid”: NDP LINKS ISRAEL TO “APARTHEID”, and seems upset.

Look, I get it.  Some people want to support Israel and defend it’s right to exist, and right to defend itself, etc.  Call it noble or misguided, whatever you want, but at its core it’s at least a defensible position.  What I’ve never been able to understand is why some of these fervent supporters feel the need to check their brains at the door while doing so.

You really want to get into an argument about whether Israels treatment of Palestinians counts as apartheid?  Apartheid is the least of your worries.  ”War crimes” and/or “Crimes against humanity” are brought up enough to at least be on the table for discussion.  Yes, I know, it’s an ultra-complex situation and honestly neither side is right.  But, I’d never understand how any objective person could look at the situation (decades of oppression, living under a gun, blockades, etc) and not have ideas like “war crimes” pop into their head.  Sure, I’d say whoever is orchestrating the killing of Israeli civilians (if anyone) with suicide bombs and rockets would qualify under the same category.  But, we all know it’s a bit different when considering the oppressor (with the powerful military) versus the oppressed.

Wait, now cell phones don’t cause cancer?

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In a follow up to my recent post Don’t worry, cell phones still cause cancer, I saw this today: Fears about the safety of mobile phones are overdone.  His reasoning sounds reasonable, I’m curious if his statements are true.  For example:

“No matter how powerful the transmitter, radio waves simply cannot produce ionising radiation. Only gamma rays, X-rays and extreme ultra-violet waves, which operate in the far (ie, high-frequency) end of the electromagnetic spectrum, along with fission fragments and other particles from within an atom, and cosmic rays (those particles’ equivalents from outer space) are energetic enough to knock electrons off other atoms to break chemical bonds and produce dangerous molecules called free radicals. It is these highly reactive free radicals that damage a person’s DNA, causing mutation, radiation sickness, cancer and death, depending on the dose.”

I wish he would have cited some sources.

Sustainable Habits

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I posted an article over at YouSustain called 38 Small Sustainable Habits.  It tries to focus on the little decisions we can make every day that add up to a big impact, both in terms of sustainability and cash savings.

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