Canada, possibly a leader in solar

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Sounds good: World’s Largest Solar Power Plant Produces Power with Canadian Solar Modules.

Apple: 1, Flash: 0

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Well, not quite so dramatic, but still a big deal if true: Gone in a Flash? Adobe Said Halting Development on Mobile Version of Its Plug-In.

I’ve mentioned a few times in the past that I think Flash on mobile devices is a bad idea.  Since Google and RIM announced Flash support on their devices, I’ve actually heard zero good things about it, so Adobe’s move isn’t surprising.  Most existing interactive Flash apps just cannot work very well on a touch screen.  Personally, I run into zero Flash apps on sites that I notice blocking functionality, aside from video.

I still think it would be in everyone’s best interests to integrate support for Flash video into mobile OS’s, just like YouTube video links seem to get special handling.  This would only be useful for a short time, though, since it seems most sites are now supporting HTML5 video.

Cuba legalizes private property transactions

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It’s good to see the rules loosening up a bit in Cuba: Cuba Legalizes Purchase, Sale Of Private Property.  Hopefully this continues.  It’s too bad the US can’t just get over itself and open relations with Cuba again.  I know it won’t happen because some people in Florida will be upset, but they shouldn’t be.  If everyone’s true goal is to help turn Cuba into a much more free country, the way to do that is by increasing interaction, not reducing it.  Most people who are exposed to western-style democracy and consumerism end up wanting them, to some extent, so the internal changes often flow naturally.  Even in the middle east, where many people are opposed to the extremes of western values, most people still want to move in that direction to a point.