First impressions of the BlackBerry PlayBook

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A few days ago I received a BlackBerry PlayBook.  I’m not really in the market for tablets, just because we have enough computers and iPhones in the house that I don’t see a need for one.  I do want a tablet for a few things, like as an eReader and to watch videos, so I’d rather say I’m not in the market for an expensive tablet.

My only other experience with a low-cost tablet didn’t go well.  Last year I bought a cheap Android tablet but it was really underpowered and had a resistive screen, so was almost unusable for anything but simple pressing actions and web browsing was out of the question.

My hesitation with a PlayBook would be the app ecosystem.  If I’m not in the market for an iPad (the best apps), and the Android app store frankly sucked for low-end devices (most apps I downloaded just didn’t run), then I guess I shouldn’t be concerned about the PlayBook app store.

Anyways, my impression of the PB has been great so far.  The hardware is great.  The OS is slick and works well.  It’s not as slick as iOS, but it’s way better than Android 2.x on my other tablet (I know Android has progressed a lot since then).  The OS still has some bugs, but it’s version 1, so that doesn’t concern me.  The app store is definitely the weak point for me; I’m used to there being multiple good choices for whatever I want in the iOS app store.  But, I have been surprised at some of the good selection.

I haven’t been very optimistic for RIM lately, but the PB is the first BlackBerry device I’ve ever actually wanted to use, and it’s all about the software.  RIM has always been pretty good on hardware.  I’m really disappointed they delayed launching any phones with the new OS yet again.  Even still, if they execute this well they could stay a major player in the market.

Meat and sustainability

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I posted a new article over at YouSustain: Meat and Sustainability: The Facts.  It has some interesting comparisons of how resource-intensive it is to produce various types of food.  Let me know of any comments and please share it if you like it!