Good week for Apple and Google, but wow RIM

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I say it’s a good week for Apple and Google just because Google upgraded/added a bunch of apps that are awesome for me.  They upgraded the Gmail iOS app to finally be a usable alternative to the stock iOS mail client.  Then there was the Google Drive app, and to top it off, Chrome for iOS!

I really like using Google’s services, which used to make me believe I should want to use Android.  But, I tend to prefer Apple’s OS, and so any improved integration with Google’s services is awesome for me.

But, from last night on RIMs earnings call, Wow.  BGR has their usual RIM-is-dead piece, but as time goes on they sound less over the top.  I don’t really care about the drop in sales or revenue, but by far the biggest deal is the further delay in releasing the first BB10 phones.  What is going on?  RIM purchased QNX 2 years ago now.  They adapted it for the tablet within a year, and now the total time to get it ready for a phone will be 3 years?  Really?  That is absolutely ridiculous.  3 years is an eternity in mobile software.  I’m trying really hard to believe there’s some hope, RIM!

The most educated country in the world

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Interesting list of the Top 10 educated countries in the world. I was surprised to see Canada at #1 with 50% of the population having post-secondary education.
I’m sure we’ll now see the conservatives gut funding for post-secondary.

How to codify anti-discrimination in law

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This is great: Ontario amends Human Rights Code to extend protections to transgender people, but really, can’t it be possible to write the law in such a way that we don’t have to list out each new criteria of groups of people that are discriminated against?  I assume it’s not possible, or else someone would have done it by now.  But, if we were talking about job discrimination, wouldn’t it be nice if the law could just be “Don’t discriminate against a person for any reason that won’t affect their job performance”?  Then leave it up to the courts to enforce.  There would probably be a quicker resolution for cases like this through the courts, rather than needing to change the human rights code.

At least we’d theoretically be starting from an assumption of equality, rather than “equality, if you are on this list.”

Pushing students through high school

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Alberta teacher kicked out of class for giving students zeros

Edmonton apparently has a no-zero policy. Parts of the intention of the policy sound good, like trying to get teachers to follow up with students to submit late assignments. But, I think a zero needs to be given eventually, otherwise it’s not fair to anyone.

A stated goal of this policy is to get more kids to complete high school, but if they’re letting kids graduate without completing the same amount of work, everyone loses.