I’m sure you’ve all seen the news: RIM has set a release date for BlackBerry 10.

Some people may complain that it’s 2.5 months away, but I think this is good news.  It’s a hard deadline, and I hope it means RIM is truly confident in declaring that publicly, because a further delay would be disastrous.

I’m excited to see how BB10 evolves.  Now that I’m using an iPad regularly, I feel a lot less dependent on my phone, which has made me wonder if I want to try out another platform.  I don’t feel compelled to try Android.  It’s come a long way in the last year, and I think I could be happy using an Android phone, but I just don’t see anything it truly does better than the iPhone that would compel me to switch.  On the flip side, there are some things that iPhone does better than Android, at least for me.

But, maybe BB10 will have some killer features?  Making sure it gets Skype would at least remove a serious flaw.

I’m curious what the next major evolution of smartphones will be.  Really, once you’ve got a powerful, beautiful, device that works well, isn’t the rest mostly software?  That’s why I get so fascinated by the hype that precedes each new iPhone launch each year, and people are inevitably disappointed when it’s “just” a more powerful, more stylish, iPhone.  What else do they want?  I’m not really interested in any of the “innovations” coming on the Android side; I don’t want a 5.5-inch screen with a stylus.  NFC?  Ok, but what would I actually use it for right now?

Actually, I am interested in the experiments with docking smartphones to tablet screens or notebooks.  Smartphones are powerful enough that they could power a modest laptop, so why not?  And really, why couldn’t an iPad just be a larger screen you dock an iPhone into?  Probably only because that means Apple couldn’t charge as much for it.