I was asking myself when they should be holding their next election as part of contemplating the current conflict.  Turns out there was supposed to be an election in 2010, but it’s been postponed by both sides and now it’s supposed to be 2013.

Every time one of these conflicts arises I end up back to thinking that it’s a waste of time to try to come up with a “solution” to the situation.  Nothing aside from a temporary band-aid will solve this conflict.  What possible short-term solution could address decades of violence (especially towards civilians), mistreatment, oppression and mistrust by both sides?

I think it shows how complex the situation is that while I think both sides are very clearly in the wrong and making bad decisions, when examined individually I can’t claim either side is doing the wrong thing for themselves given the circumstances and history.  Clearly they’re both making the wrong decisions in the big picture, but cultures that are so consumed by violence and hatred rarely look at the big picture.