This was the final straw for me. A few months ago I called into Rogers to cancel my Internet and switch to Teksavvy. We had been passing our 120gb/month limit and their options for more than that were way too expensive. Teksavvy offers 300gb/month for about $45.

My only hesitation was that I was getting 3mbit/sec upload from Rogers and Teksavvy only offers 1. I work from home usually so I was anxious about that. But I called Rogers to cancel anyways.

Their “retention” person asked why I wanted to cancel and said “what if I offer you 300mb/month for $10 less than you’re paying right now?” I was surprised but asked “ok, at what speed?” He said I would drop from the 35mbit download I was at now to 25mbit but stay at 3mbit upload.

I was reluctant, because I really wanted to cancel Rogers, but keeping 3mbit up was too compelling for me. So I said ok.

Fast forward a few months. We’ve been noticing our VOIP phone cutting off sometimes and network speeds just generally slow. I called Rogers tech support to find out what’s going on and they said I’m on a plan that’s 300gb/month, 12mbit down and 0.5mbit up. WTF?????

I was obviously furious. There is no way in hell I ever would have agreed to something like that, so their retention person clearly lied to me. On top of that, they tried to tell my I was locked into a year contract and would have to pay a cancellation fee to get out of it. I told them I would pay absolutely nothing to get out of a plan that I never agreed to and was lied to about. They seemed to accept that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they still try to slip it on my next bill.

It does feel good to get another service off Rogers, hopefully things go well with Teksavvy. I wish we could get our cell phones off Rogers but there don’t seem to be any reasonable alternatives. Bell won’t be any better than Rogers. So, that leaves Wind but friends say their network speeds are crap, so…