So, how do I feel about all this? That’s not an easy question to answer.

Part of me is mad. Mad at the voters. Mad at the shortsightedness of these people. Apparently getting an extra $100 on their paycheck every month is worth more than having to put up with lies, deceit, corruption and the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people around the world. The resolution of this is the knowledge that people get the governments they deserve. This is the same people who idolize Paris Hilton or the people on Survivor more than Einstein. The Empire is falling and this will just accelerate that somewhat. I just hope, every single day, that they don’t destroy the world as they fall.

Part of me doesn’t care. I’m not a US citizen and have no plans to stay here permenantly. In fact this puts another further point on the urgency to leave.

The rest of me is afraid. I was insulted recently when someone said to me “Your daily life won’t change at all whichever guy wins.” I’m insulted because it assumes that I’m entirely selfish. I’m afraid for all the people that will now be killed in the next 4 years, for the future in general, and for myself.