An interesting idea was proposed in a book I’m reading called Humans. The story behind the book is that we make contact with another version of earth where Neadrathals evolved as the dominant species.

They are completely baffled by our wars. The thought of having constant wars where we wipe out millions of people blows their minds. One of them is taken to the Vietnam Memorial and after understanding what it was for, declares “This is where your President should declare war. He should be sure enough of his ideals that he’s willing to look at the memorial and declare he’s willing to repeat the same catasrophe again.”

Excellent idea. Imagine having to stare a grieving mother in the face, who lost a child to another war, and tell her you think it’s worth it to have another one.

So many conservatives talk about war like it’s a necessary evil and a reality. WE CREATE THAT NECESSARY EVIL AND THE REALITY. We, as humans, need to mature to the point where war is not even considered an option. I’m sure there’s some conservatives reading this and thinking “He’s just some bleeding heart liberal.” Let me ask you: do you like sending children off to die? Do you think it’s worth it to kill innocent civilians in another country so you have access to cheaper oil? If you answered yes to either of those questions I don’t want to be considered of the same species as you, and to be honest we need to get rid of you in order for humanity to progress.

Remember, PEOPLE are the only reality. Everything else – wars, politics, economies, etc – are the creations of PEOPLE and should never be considered a higher priority.