Everything about the “values” movement here in the US nicely summarized, by example, in one nice article. I couldn’t have dreamt this up myself, no matter how hard I tried.

Leave it to some moron in Spurger, Texas to come up with this. So apparently a school had a yearly tradition of the children changing roles for one day: girls ask boys to the dance, open doors for them, and dress like each other. Sounds innocent enough, no? Apparently it infringed on some parents right to enforce their strict anti-gay education on the innocent little mind. The parent lobbied the school, some group called Liberty Legal stepped in (which in an ironic use of their name is making people less free) and stopped the school from keeping this tradition.

Now, this would have been enough. By now I find this story sufficiently disgusting, think it shows how badly things are going in this country, etc.

The next part put it over the edge. What’s the only other thing aside from this fake and entirely maliscious “values” movement in the US that I could find more objectionable? Militarism. Guess what they had the kids dress up as instead? Army fatigues and boots. This is wrong, disgusting, and sends such a worse message to those children that it’s amazing.

Even if you were so absolutely homophobic that you thought this schools homecoming tradition had any kind of homosexual overtones whatsoever, is it better to teach children to kill people?

I know a large portion of the American population is homophobic, so will disagree with me, but personally I’d much rather be in country full of gay people (again, if you accept the ludicrous premise of that argument) than with a bunch of killers and murderers *ooops* I mean liberators.

Here’s the article:
Extreme homophobe