In another blow to human rights, the UK has decided it would be a great idea to extend copyright terms even longer. Why is this important? Copyright term limits were created so that society eventually gets to benefit as a whole from artistic work. Does it make sense that people 3 generations removed from an artist still get to benefit from their works? No. Society should be able to benefit from it.

This argument still makes sense. Almost everyone agrees with it. Except who? The corporations who hold the rights, of course. Since they have unlimited access to lawyers and lobbyists, and the rest of us don’t, they get their way. Disney, and others, do this all the time in the US.

This is proof of the indemic corruption in western democracies at its best. But, no one seems to care because the same companies extending the term limits control the media (ie: Disney + ABC, etc) so make sure it’s not a big story.

Plan to extend copyright on pop classics