Congrats to the Liberals in Canada as it looks like the same-sex marriage bill may pass this week. Even the conservatives know it’s going to pass.

Tories can’t win same-sex battle: MacKay

But one sentence in the article struck me as odd: “Opponents of same-sex unions held prayer vigils across the country on Sunday, the same day tens of thousands of people gathered in Toronto for the city’s annual Pride parade.”

What does someone say to their god when praying for discrimination? “Oh, please God, even though you gave these people the ability to choose their sexuality, and it doesn’t harm me, please punish them for making this choice. I think that’s what you really intended. I see lots of references in this book here about men marrying women, so the absense of same-sex marriage references leads me to believe you just forgot to mention it. Oh please! Smite these heathens!”

(By the way – I’m not trying to step into the choice/born with it argument here, I meant more to choose how to act on their sexuality.)