I’d almost feel sorry for the Republicans right now, if they hadn’t done what they had over the past 6 years. It seems everything that could go wrong for them, and even more, is coming true.

But, what I find so interesting is that the GOP will not be absolutely hammered into oblivion in November. The US seems to have such a strange political system at times.

To level-set, let’s try to list off the things that have (fairly) objectively gone wrong for the GOP within the last 6 years. I’m not implying there weren’t wins, but you’ll see my point after the list.

  • The war in Iraq is being lost. Even Bush doesn’t seem to disagree on this any more
  • There are more terrorists fighting against the US now than pre-9/11
  • All the original reasons for going to war in Iraq have proven false and/or falsified. The only one that could still be considered arguable, as an original intention, is to “free the Iraqi people”
  • Afghanistan is deteriorating fairly quickly
  • Failed attempt to reform social security
  • Failed attempt at major legislation on border security
  • Budget surplus has been completely reversed; tax cuts while still increasing even non-defense spending (I haven’t checked the last budget)
  • North Korea now has atomic weapons, after the US pledges it “will not live with a nuclear North Korea”
  • Iran is following the same road as NK
  • The federal government completely screwed up the pre and post-Katrina emergency
  • Huge lobbyist scandal implicating many in Congress
  • Coverup of a pedophile in Congress
  • Executive branch engaging in highly unpopular and likely illegal domestic spying program

Phew. That’s a pretty powerful list. Now, for those of us not from the US, could you imagine any of your national political parties getting re-elected after achieving the goals in the above list? As a Canadian, that seems completely and utterly unthinkable. We completely erased one of the 2 major political parties mostly because we were sick of them after 8 years in power. This party, the Progressive Conservatives, had 2 consecutive majority parliaments, then they didn’t even get enough seats to technically be considered a federal party.

But, in the US, I’d say there’s a good chance the GOP will retain control of Congress in November. Amazing. I don’t know how much is due to incompetence of the Democrats, or side-effects of having a 2-party system. It still blows my mind a bit that the Democrats haven’t put forward a “message.” I remember Howard Dean (who I generally like) on the Daily Show many months ago. Stewart asked him when they’d have their message and Dean said “don’t worry, it’ll be ready for the voters in November.” Did he literally mean November? That’s probably a bit too late…