The one case that had me slightly worried with my voting decision was going Green and then the Conservative winning by a small margin over the Liberal.

Funny enough, looks like that happened: Kitchener-Waterloo results. A margin of 73 votes is pretty small!

But, I don’t regret my decision since I voted the way I wanted. What’s better than that? Further, a margin of 72 votes is still a loss. Even further, had I somehow dragged 72 other people to the polls and convinced them to vote Liberal, one more seat wouldn’t have made a difference in the national outcome.

I could definitely be a Liberal voter again in the future. As much as I think Dion is good at policy, he’s not meant to be a national party leader, in my opinion. Maybe next time around the Libs will pick someone inspiring, set out an aggressive green platform, and I’d be happy to vote for them.