This is stupid: Union blocks teacher bonuses.  A school district in Boston had setup incentives (bonuses) for teachers whose students performed well.  I’m sure the system could be gamed, and wouldn’t be perfect, but it still sounds like a good idea.  Except the teachers union is blocking the bonuses claiming the money should be distributed evenly amongst the members.

What?  I thought the intention of unions was to ensure their members were treated fairly, not necessarily equally.   Union members can get paid different amount for different positions and level of seniority.  Why not performance incentives?  I’m not sure if this is universally frowned upon by unions or just this one.

Either way, it adds to the widespread perception that unions often stifle worker productivity.  While I still believe there is a place for good unions in our society, I feel like most are unfortunately the bad kind these days.  For myself, I would definitely avoid working for a union if possible.