Will it really be over soon?

Gearing up for a long night of election results watching. This time will be interesting since we don’t have cable TV, so we’ll be using web-based tools and looking for live web video broadcasts. If you know of any let me know.

This looks like a good tool: http://scoreboard.dailykos.com/map/.

I’m actually kind of surprised the Republicans didn’t put up more of a fight at the end, assuming McCain loses. Over the last few days I was expecting a news story like “Documents (fake of course) prove Obama is a Muslim!”

Which brings up another topic, having watched some interviews at rural McCain rallies where people actually think Obama is a Muslim. How the hell does any person, in this day and age, believe something that’s so obviously false? Let’s think about this:

  1. It would be impossible for any Muslim to be elected leader of any western nation right now, that’s just reality (remember, it’s only 30 or 40 years ago that the first Catholic was elected President).  American Democrats would not support this (to any large extent), so why does a random person in a southern rural state think they have single-handedly found out something the news media missed in their last 4 years of vetting?
  2. Do these people literally only watch Fox news and read McCains mailers?
  3. More than likely it’s a mix of #2 and that the person just doesn’t want to vote for someone who isn’t white.  They are likely grasping for any other reason to not vote for them, and since it’s less politically incorrect to say you don’t like Muslims than it is to not like black people, they run with that.  But, you know, they couldn’t just say “I’d never vote for a democrat” or “I don’t like his policies” because that’s not what was in the propaganda they received.

Oh well.  Enjoy the results tonight!

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